No Knife


Riot for Romance

This party's gone on for far too long, and you're sick of the words in the mouth of that girl. Make conversation but too tired to fake it. Sharpened to points and dressing up to kill. Fuck your slow death scene, we want a riot for romance! We're still fearless as hell. Carried on sympathy, stretched out in the back seat. It's just one more way to make your mistake. We fell for your old tricks with nothing up your sleeve. (Got shocked by sound, a head like a sleepy ghost, you feel it inside your bones if ever you doubt for long. They can't bring an end to the soul. It just won't be left alone. It's something they can't control. We're set up to fall.) We pretend we still dream but the phone never rings. Want to go anywhere out of this world.

Permanent for Now

Hey you boy, what's your passion? I've been choking on thesewords that seem undone. Still thinking of an answer, the door into your brain is locked and now the key's gone. So pick your poison for the third time. Something permanent for now. Save it for another day. Hey you boy, you break a leg. Careful not to steal the scene, they prey on you. More empty is the inside than the outside. I'm bulletproof. The note you left disqualified you.

Swinging Lovers

Difficult to hope for more, is this what you call a weapon? (I damage myself just for you) Offered up to strangers but I could've forgiven you anything. I've arranged these chains like a work of art, but nobody gets it so far. All they see is the old scar. I'm pulling it back to cut some more. Oh, but this is madness. It suggests what I've become. Oh, but this is madness. We forget but we can't move on. Forward til we catch you all and sickened when the chase is done. (I damaged myself just for you) with lipstick and a pretty face, dancing on spider's legs my love. I've arranged this shame like a broken heart but nobody gets it so far. All they see is the old scar so I'm pulling it back to cut some more. Spotlight for the bursting star exploding in my outstretched arms. Hollywood death is not the same.

Parting Shot

Simulate another mission, cut yourself in two. Not taking any clear direction on account of you. Catapult somebody else into this atmosphere just like your first time. The secrets I've been keeping in are trapped inside her other skin. Fallen back to the way we are. Nobody noticed it but you. So how's it looking from your view? Fallen back to the way we are. (The submarines are still around) They set you up, I do believe, in an unfamiliar way. Not sure of changing my appearance just to fit the shape. Turning on, shutting off it's just the game we play. Is this your first time?