No Knife


October 29, 2003

Hello!!! Here's a couple small things to post. We recently won the award for "Best Alternative Album" at this year's San Diego Music Awards. This makes our 4th win over the years along with a bunch of various nominations. I guess this year our music is"alternative". It's good to know, I suppose. I can't really think of anything else to post but thanks to everyone for all the letters and for checking the site. Regards, --NK

September 8, 2003

Thanks for everyone who came out to the recent shows with Cursive and Minus the Bear. Our tour with them was really amazing. It's really nice to meet up with people and get along so well from day one of the tour. They are an inspiring bunch to travel with and see every night.

As for the Fall tour... we have postponed it. Since we got on the ball a little late to book it, things were filled and we couldn't get the venues we wanted. We'll try again later and hopefully still get Tokyo's Nine Days Wonder to come along.

We haven't scheduled any shows and there are none in sight. If anything happens we will post it here obviously. Keep checking in.

Our video for The Red Bedroom is pretty much done. There may be a couple final edits and tweaks but we'll post a link as soon as it's officially done. The folks did a nice job on it.

Muchas Gracias for the support and hanging with us during our extended break. We seem to be making a habit of this.

March 9, 2003

Thanks to everyone who came out the shows this past couple weeks. We had a great time in San Jose and at the Noise Pop festival in San Francisco. Pretty soon we are heading out to join Cursive on the East coast of the US. We haven't made it out there in soooooo long. It's exciting to finally get back to some of these far away places. We look forward to seeing old friends again. Check our tour dates to see when we might be in your area.

Looking ahead, we are planning to tour the Western US in late Summer/ early Fall with NineDaysWonder. Keep an eye out for details on this!

Thanks for checking in. cP

January 29, 2003

Hello! We are just quickly checking in. The recent tour of Japan was really amazing. In fact, it was even better than our previous visit. Thanks so much to our hosts: Katoman, Akira, Kensuke, Teru, Hiro, Kiyo and Ogawa. We could not have done it without your help!!! We are planning on bringing NineDaysWonder over to the states to finally give you all an ear full of what this amazing band is about. We'll post more info on our recent travels soon.

This weekend we are playing a few shows to mention. This Friday at the Belly Up in San Diego and the "Hard to Find Show Place" in Santa Barbara this Saturday the 1st of Feb. See the Tour Dates section for more info.

Thanks for checking, we'll post some great pictures soon and maybe some live tracks from Japan as well!

CP and NK

December 11, 2002

Our recent tour out to Phoenix Arizona and Los Angeles was a great time. Thanks to all who came out to the shows. It was our first chance to see Eastern Youth play live. They are very intense and put on a great show. Everyone seemed to really like them and got into the show. Thanks also to TickerTapeParadeSnake Versus WizardCongress of the Cow and Limbeck. All the bands rocked!

Our plan right now is to stay low until we leave for Japan. On our return there is a San Diego show at the Belly Up. It's a great venue to see a band and the sound is really impressive so come out if you can. An ALL AGES show is in the works for San Diego so please keep an eye out for that.

We are planning on a trip to the East Coast in March with the amazing band Cursive. I'll post the dates as soon as things are totally confirmed. We are very excited that they are taking us out with them. If you have not heard them, get a listen. Cursive is one of the more creative bands around today.

Chris P.