No Knife


  Riot For Romance! released Fall 2002 on Better Looking Records (USA), Day After (Europe), Sparkmusiq (Japan). 10 songs produced by Greg Wales. Includes: riot for romance!, permanent for now, swinging lovers, parting short, feathers and furs, the red bedroom, brush off, may I call you doll?, flechette, this moonlife.
  No Knife/NineDaysWonder split CD for the 2001 Tour of Japan. 2 new No Knife songs: "The Red Bedroom" and "Automatic Writing". Also 3 songs by the great Tokyo band NineDaysWonder. Released in Japan on Catune Records, Dim Mak in the US and Nova Recordings in Europe.
  Holiday Matinee's sister company, Better Looking Records recently put out this compilation. It is entitled "Holiday Matinee Vol 2." Our track "Flechette" is among a slew of great tracks by Tristeza, Wheat, Bright Eyes, Vue, Sunday's Best among others.
  "Permanent for Now" is our track on this split 7" with Richmond VA's Lazycain. We recorded it at Gar Wood's Box Studio. Big Wheel Recreation, out of Boston put this out this Summer. The 7" came out really well and of course Lazycain's song is great. It saddens us that they are no more!
  This is our European tour split 7" with Sunshine from the Czech Republic. Only thing is we haven't done the tour yet. Our song is "Flechette" which is domestically available on the Better Looking Records compilation. The Sunshine song is "The Doll and the Midnight Sushi Orgy" and it is so good it puts us to shame.
  "Slightest Indication of Change" is the title of this Slowdance Records compilation. Our track is "Silver Spring" and it feature's Terrin Durfey of Boilermaker on vocals. Other stellar tracks on this comp include Roots of Orchis, Jade Shader (Terrin solo stuff), Transmegetti and Jejune among others.
  Fire in the City of Automatons. Produced by Australia's Greg Wales. Released in May of 1998 on Time Bomb Recordings (CD, LP). Track listing: Academy Flight Song, Minus One, Secret Handshake, Heavy Weather, K-214, The Spy, Charming, Angel Bomb, Short Term Memory, Under the Moon, Mission Control, If it Moves Kiss it.
  A 2 song 7" single that came out around the same time as Hit Man Dreams. It has "Jackboots" from the CD as well as "Communist China", a cover of a Japan song. Artwork by Craig Haskett.